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Photo by @zoesalvucci

Photo by @zoesalvucci

Hailing from different corners of the country, Dom from Tolland, Connecticut, and Jesse from West Palm Beach, FL, found themselves drawn to the music scene in Philadelphia. Their paths converged through The Ring production team, where they were introduced by the visionary duo, Dyshon Penn and Range Da Messenga. Little did they know, this meeting would ignite a creative partnership that would shape their musical journey.


Driven by their desire to spread good vibes and evoke a "Summer All Year" atmosphere, Dom & Jesse have mastered the art of entertainment, not only as a Pop Acoustic Duo, but also as a dynamic DJ duo. Dom's unique style includes playing his right-handed guitar upside down, while Jesse wows audiences with his mesmerizing loop pedal beatboxing skills. Their talents blend seamlessly, resulting in electrifying performances that captivate audiences time and time again.


Off the stage, Dom & Jesse are down-to-earth individuals, known for their relatable personalities and their ability to connect with fans on a personal level. Whether it's engaging in light-hearted banter or sharing meaningful moments, they ensure that everyone feels like a part of their musical family. 


Since 2019, Dom & Jesse have made waves in the music industry, releasing two EPs and a slew of singles. Collaborating with renowned producers such as Dan "Dilemma" Thomas, the talented "Robot" Scott Carter, and the incredible Yountie Strickland, they have crafted a unique sound that blends genres and pushes boundaries. Their music resonates with listeners, delivering a combination of relatable lyrics and infectious hooks that get stuck in your head.


It's no wonder Dom & Jesse have already achieved remarkable milestones on their journey. They have graced the stages of esteemed venues, including a sold-out showcase at the iconic World Cafe Live. Their talent also caught the attention of the masses when they delivered a mesmerizing live TV performance on the Q Show in Philadelphia.


But this is just the beginning for Dom & Jesse. With their unwavering passion for entertaining audiences and their commitment to bringing the spirit of summer wherever they go, the duo is destined to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.

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Photos by @zoesalvucci + @xsharpshooter


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